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Seeking Forgiveness

Some stories don’t fit inside
a person’s mouth. Some stories
just have to tell themselves.

– mightwar: Unspoken


At the age of fourteen, I made a promise to myself.

I promised that I would never lie to myself about what I feel – even if I lied to others.

It was a significant moment in my life.

I had spent the afternoon perched on a windowsill, weighing the pros and cons of committing suicide.

That promise was a culmination of hours of processing: a decision about how I chose to face the trials that tested my spirit and left me mute.

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Poetry Techniques


A crayon and a piece of paper.
A moment of stillness and a wealth of opportunity.

But what message to be emblazoned across this untouched landscape?

What theme to be scribbled and then smoothed into easy words?

What revelation to be rhymed and measured to fit?

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Blogging … and sh!t

OK. So I took my brother-from-another-mother’s advice and set up this site to “share” my writing. This meant that after walking round WordPress, I decided to go ahead and set up a website.

I mean, it’s not like I’m doing much these days.

Besides convulsing, throwing up, freaking people out and trying really, really hard to keep soiling myself down to a once-a-week performance, my diary’s pretty empty.

There then followed a couple of weeks of wrestling with the computer to make it do what the Support pages said it should do.
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