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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways #2

London Eye structure #1

Re-viewing The Eye

This week’s photo challenge asked us to capture horizontal and vertical versions of the same scene or subject from the same place/location and taken during the same shoot.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This Is London

This Is London


“I am enough in and of myself to be marvellous. For I have but a single purpose: to lift people above the ground and offer them a different perspective of their landscape.

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London Eye Capsule

London Eye


I was built as a celebration: a tolling for a new millennium that promised much change and progress – if the preceding 100 years were any indication.

        I divided opinion between the inhabitants as my bulk was hard to hide amongst the historical buildings that line the South Bank of the river; and because a Ferris wheel is still just a large wheel no matter how you dress it up. But obvious and slightly clumsy as I was, I would become a phenomenon for the many that passed my way.
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