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Retirement 101


used to be the default retirement age in the UK, but this has been phased out and most people can now work for as long as they want to. However, 65 is generally what people still consider to be the retirement age.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, retirement is “when you leave your job and stop working, usually because you are old” or “the period in someone’s life after they have stopped working because they reached a particular age”. No matter where I look to research the subject, I am surrounded by images of older people living it large. Yeah, retirement is really associated with age.
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Blue Pill/Red Pill

Blue Pill/Red Pill. What a magnificent simplification of the process of choosing. Take one, and you are returned to your life as you know and understand it. Take the other, and you are awakened to the “truth” of your existence.
And under it all, lies the implication that the pill itself, will be the catalyst that provides the desired change.

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Recipe for Disaster

Less than you would have liked
preparation time

18 months to 1 infinity
cooking time

Serves: 1

Submitted by: Fuckerty Happens
From: The Good-Kicking Guide

Fuckerty Happens scores a
debilitating hat-trick with this
delectable human sponge
soaked in ailments and filled
with suffering.

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Spastic … and sh!t

I already know that my title for this post will cause some controversy. But I draw your attention back to the opening paragraphs of my blog, and I quote:

Some of the words I have written here will hurt those who matter: and for that, I am sorry.
But I cannot lie about what I feel when I write for myself.

These words record a part of my self that I wish to remember. And so I continue to write: in the hope that in time, my words will bring me to that point where everything is forgiven.

The bold text is added here as I wish to draw your attention to the most pertinent points.

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The Invalid’s Answering Machine

Hello, you are through to might war’s answering machine. Please leave your name and a short message after the tone and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

         But before you do so, please note that it is very likely that I shall be hearing this message several days after it has been left. Narcotic fogs cloud the passage of time and I am unable to determine good days and bad days until I am in one.

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Sick ‘n’ Tired (An exploration of anger as a healing process)

Don’t do it. Don’t ask “How are you?” Unless you are ready for me to disgorge at your feet the vitriol and the bile of incompetence. To face non-interest in your research of symptoms and the library of diseases this has opened up for consideration.

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There are parts of ourselves that are so well known to us, that they become an essential part of defining who we are and how we feel about our person. 

My body … my physical self, is that to me.

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