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New Zealand ‘03: October 24, 2003

We made our way to Franz Joseph to try and hike on the glacier, but were foiled by the rain gods who declared that:

“On this day, it shall piss it down like a bugger and the mist should lie so low that the people cannot even begin to say which direction the glacier layeth in!

They shall be forced to wade like a duck to the corner shop in their hunt for a Magnum ice-cream and then spend the day quaffing more wine and playing numerous games of Scrabble”.

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New Zealand ‘03: October 19, 2003

Dear Sir –

and also for the attention of Lord & Lady Venezuela-Shearer, Victoria Moon, Gus and Ms Brown.

I thank you for the responding emails. I am penning this to you as I sit on the outer deck of a large sea-faring vessel that is transporting myself and my statuesquely-challenged companion to the South Island.

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New Zealand ‘03: October 17, 2003

Tongariro National Park XI
Tongariro National Park XI, by Christoph Rupprecht (Focx Photography), CC-BY-SA2.0

Greetings from the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Ah, but this life is sweet.  Yesterday we awoke to the sound of (unidentified) birds chirruping in the tress, the morning light softly breaking o’er the majestic mountains and a brand new day promising delight and adventure to our hearts content.

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