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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra


A Moment of Breathlessness

There are some photos that leave a vivid memory of what it took to capture them. And when it came to choosing an image for this week’s challenge, this shot jumped to mind.
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Glacier Country

January 25, 2006

View of the glacier from the High Street.
We are spending a few days in Franz Joseph in order to explore the glaciers. Last time I was here, the weather was so bad that they refused to let anyone up on the mountain. This time, I was determined to do the glacier hike – I mean, how many Africans can claim to have walked on a glacier?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


A Glimpse of Paradise

In 2005, I had the delightful pleasure of visiting Lake Tekapo whilst travelling the South Island of New Zealand.

Situated on the edge of the lake, the ‘Church of the Good Shepherd’ is a little cutie that has to be seen to be believed.

It’s supposedly the hardest church to give a sermon in – mainly because the view behind the pulpit lulls the congregation into a dazed episode of private ecstasy.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


Remarkable View

This week, we have been challenged to present a photo that shows “that magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera”.

And I wanted to share one of my very favourite photographs that I took during my time travelling New Zealand.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


Traffic Jam

One of the joys of travelling New Zealand is the fact that you can drive for hours without seeing another person. So it was unusual for us to find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam one bright, sunny afternoon.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


Song of Praise

Travelling New Zealand totally blows your horizons: both geographically and in terms of expanding the limits of your understanding and experience.

I relearned water and the colour blue; stumbled into wonders; and bathed myself in sunrises and sunsets.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


Anointed in Light

I’ve been a “morning person” from an early age: mainly because I’m usually awake long before any set alarm has started ringing. This over-eagerness to greet a new day has provided me with some wonderful experiences during my travels.
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