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… The First Step

September 18th, 2005

Mum & Dad
Dear Mum & Daddi,
As I age, I gain a clearer perception of you as people; a better understanding of the seriousness with which you undertook your role as parents; and a greater appreciation for the efforts you put into raising your children.
And now, as I sit writing this on the other side of the world from all I know, I am filled with wonder at the courage and the care you showed in your parenting: for I am here because of you.
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Imagined Spaces

For my children yet unborn, I have dreamed a place for you with my soul.

I have formed a strong foundation out of my very being and furnished it with the essence of all I believe to be good and true. And so I wish for you:
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In Memoriam

I remember
… that my first impression of her was contained in the word “soft”. Something about her skin called to mind silkiness and begged to be touched. But those eyes; they let you know that you weren’t messing with no fool.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

John Masefield quote

Navigating Your Way

I found this quote mounted on a wall of the National Maritime Museum (Greenwich) and was drawn to the hope that it held for navigating one’s way through life. As I was trying to capture it, this father and daughter walked past and I took a few photos as I liked the way that they seemed to embody the sentiment being expressed.
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