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Greyhound (Terry Brown)

A chance encounter led to discussion and self-revelation.
We shared of fears, of achievements, of habits –
an odd combination for a couple of strangers to discuss.
But this was a season of non-lies:
of time and space to speak, or be silent accordingly;
as the bus bore us onwards into that
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

live orchestra

Refreshments Provided

The orchestra rehearse for a live performance whilst the public take a well-earned tea break at the National Botanical Garden of Wales.

It was wonderful listening to the sounds of a live orchestra whilst surrounded by greenery and birdsong. It was a real privilege to experience this.
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Words Fall From My Eyes

A random searching of the blogosphere tripped me onto your website. I fell into your “About” page and it stopped me.
I was caught in a delicate web of pain and history that lacerated my heart and refused to allow my thoughts to be distracted from what I was reading.

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w.a.n.t.i.n.g (a love poem)

It is not enough that we are friends:
I want to know you in hunger, in passion and in rest.
In long languid strokes and quick restless tuggings.
To part and come together, tumbling over and over.
I want to offer myself without doubt,
without hesitation, without regret.
That you may know me in joy, in
passion, and in pleasure.
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