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The Invalid’s Answering Machine

Hello, you are through to might war’s answering machine. Please leave your name and a short message after the tone and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

         But before you do so, please note that it is very likely that I shall be hearing this message several days after it has been left. Narcotic fogs cloud the passage of time and I am unable to determine good days and bad days until I am in one.

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distinguishing Miles from Coltrane

“But the wood is tired, and the wood is old.
And we’ll make it fine, if the weather holds.
But if the weather holds, we’ll have missed the point:
that’s where I need to go”

– Indigo Girls: The Wood Song

Over the years, I have found that putting pen to paper is a vital part of working things out in my head (and heart); and discovering how I feel about the subject.
The act of framing a situation, an emotion or a condition with my own words is very healing and often revealing.
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