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Conversations With My Mother – 1: Apology

This is what I’d most like to tell you:
        I am you no longer.
I have grown – in interesting and difficult ways – into
a woman of my own.
I have thought, reasoned … and at times
begged, for my own clarification.
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Recovering With Grace

I was mistaken in thinking that I could resolve this illness by usual means.
This barbaric wound has bruised my flesh and left my existence a mottled mess for far too long.
I have become a point of soreness to both eye and mind and it is now time to eliminate the contamination.
I shall use the act of writing as a work surface.
I shall put pen to paper and gather my thoughts onto this page.
I shall regurgitate my senses and dysfunctions until the white space is swallowed up by the dark ink of my words.

I shall recover myself with grace.
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Greyhound (Terry Brown)

A chance encounter led to discussion and self-revelation.
We shared of fears, of achievements, of habits –
an odd combination for a couple of strangers to discuss.
But this was a season of non-lies:
of time and space to speak, or be silent accordingly;
as the bus bore us onwards into that
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