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Coitus Interuptus

November 6, 2004

Dual Reach
Dual Reach, by Kris Krug, CC-BY-SA2.0.
Imagine the scene: Two people are in bed (let’s call them Lover A and Lover B). The way their bodies are entwined and the manner in which clothing lays discarded around the room leaves no doubt that there has been some sexual activity in recent times. In fact, they have reached that point where the urgency has settled and they have decided to make an afternoon of it.

But if you listen, there is another sound. Not quite natural considering the moment. The eye is drawn to the door and if you look closely, you can see the door knob turning. The lovers do not notice.
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Thoughts on Connecticut shootings

We are here again.
So soon, we are here again.
Another mass shooting.
Another place where many lost their lives for no reason than being present when someone else decided to release their rage on those around them.

It seems insufferable that such an incident could happen again.
That our hearts could be made to tremble so because one of us took up arms against their own, but forgot to notify the rest of us that we were at war.
How could this happen? Again?
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