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Functional Movement Disorder :: #2.1 – Exploring the Symptoms

This post is part of a series discussing functional movement disorder.

A ‘functional movement disorder’ means that there is abnormal movement or positioning of part of the body due to the nervous system not working properly (but not due to an underlying neurological disease).

In plain English: there is a problem with the way your brain is sending messages to, and receiving messages from, your body about movement.

The disorder is also sometimes called Functional Neurological Disorder, Functional Neurological Symptoms or Dissociative Neurological Symptoms.

I had a hard time explaining what was happening to my body to friends, family and medical professionals. And until they saw the symptoms for themselves, they had a hard time understanding what I meant.

This post will continue taking a more detailed examination of what the symptoms actually look like: particularly pain, facial spasm and speech problems..
PLEASE NOTE: Your symptoms may be similar or different to mine. What I have done is focus on the main issue areas and explained them in terms of my personal experience: in the hope that giving you concrete examples will help you in understanding what may be happening with your body.
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