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Feelgood Festival

January 1, 2006

Luna Park towers
Detail of one of the Towers.
The bright colours give a warm and friendly atmosphere to the park.
We saw the “Feelgood Festival” advertised and thought it would be a great opportunity to see a lot of the local talent we have been hearing about whilst we we’ve been here.
Tsarina & Zelda, I’ve already posted the cds we bought! Have a look-see, your ears will thank you for it.

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No White Christmas, This

December 25, 2005

A Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

Source: Google image.

You find us still in Sydney, trying to get to grips with the concept of celebrating the ultimate winter festival in underwear (that is, when we are at home) and in great danger of suffering from heat stroke!  

It’s been kinda weird doing Christmas over here: but – I hasten to add – far less depressing than last year; where it was a case of waiting for the clock to strike 10 o’clock so we could feasibly go to bed and end the dismal (and wholly un-jolly) charade.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Bridge Walk (Sydney, Australia)

Bridge Walk

After spending months admiring it from the train window on my way to and from work, I finally got to spend an afternoon exploring the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia) with my camera. The bridge carries train, vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Central Business District and the North Shore of the city; and if you’re ever this way, it’s worth taking time to enjoy the structure in its own right.
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